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i'd rather be asleep right now..
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Rain is happy. Her life is perfect. Sure, her mother is bossy, and her neighbor probably kidnaps people, but everything is so beautiful there. The flowers are so pretty, the grass is so warm, the sky is so colorful. Her friends are so kind and fun. But one day a little bunny wanders up to her, and with it everything will start to change.
(cw: derealization, trauma)


just your local weird guy. probably hoards mushrooms in a cave somewhere. maybe.

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sorry for the delay, I lost all of my drawings previously and had to start anew.
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first comic, here we go
Author Note
where it all began.

hello, this is my comic, wardingdream! it's real now. wow. but first, a few things to address:
1. it probably won't have a very consistent upload schedule.
2. it is inspired by various aesthetics like weirdcore, so if that's your thing, then cool! if not, hopefully you can still enjoy it.
3. i am still learning a lot about art! the style, quality or even the website itself may change over time.
so yeah! and remember; don't pick the flowers.
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