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Comic profile: Wastelanders Anonymous
Wastelanders Anonymous
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Last update: 4 days ago, 4:03 AM
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Comic description

A scavenger, a zombie, and a plague doctor travel in a post apocalyptic world and have adventures and crap.



Hi there, I am Seabiscuit!
I enjoy comics, video games, spaghetti, long walks on the beach and eating dirt.

Actually scratch that beach crap.

(Thanks Seeen & RealmLord for the lovely Spaghetti arts!:D)

Most recent comments left on Wastelanders Anonymous

Ooh! Let's see then...

I wanted to ask about your logic behind the AU system but you answered in advance so that is cool when you get specifications like that without hassle, LMAO :D

I guess they really are going for the best possible universe by eliminating unfavorable ones until you have a couple of good ones to choose from. Hm.
Does this mean Ben's ability never was about seeing the future but just past or present (parallel) possibilities? Or does he like exist outside the AUs in some way? A person who is kinda in charge of creating them by his decisions and discarded paths.
I am just not sure if anything is predetermined or still moving on the same timeline just with multiple universes and the ultimate outcome (or outcomes) is unknown to everyone who has something to do with the system.
Does that make sense? :D
Left on 452
Get well, Grandmama!!!!!

Jeff raising his hand is too classic for words. XD

I remember that old-ass scene! ;) Will Benny spill?
Left on 452
Haha, all fun thoughts~~
Well- It's indeed possible to do something vastly different than what happens in another AU. Like Benny boy right now in another AU decides to just kill Felix and Jeff for fun. He could. It's just that doing that would drive the AU further away and make it unseeable in the future... If that makes sense.<:

Two universes could become similar again over time, too, but something Jeff/Felix dying in one, and not being alive in ours, separates them for the forseeable future.D:
Left on 452
Hehe, Jeff... Jeff asks the importantest questions.:)

Ah, yeah! I'm glad we're all conveniently in the same state to help her out, gosh.D:
Left on 452
Haha, well, in -that- case she means how it already ended once.:D

Thanks! Yeah, might have to. D:
I'm hoping she'll at least be able to go home soon, she's going stir crazy there.
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