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Sexual Situations Frequent Strong Language
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In the fictional city of Fairliestoke, a lovestruck student, a well-meaning goof, and an unmotivated artist attempt to muddle their way through Real Adulthood™ and waste a bunch of time together. Work, love, friendship--they're pretty bad at all of it. Updates on Mondays

Contains some strong language and mild sexual content

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Mel Cormac
Mel Cormac
Webcomic artist, writer, and attempted funny person

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Probably shouldn't have gone for the decaf!
Mel Cormac
Ah yes! That'll be it!
The darker background we usually see her in at the coffee shop sort of washes it out. The bright ocean plus the close-up helps it stand out.
Mel Cormac
Indeed she does! I think it's more noticeable on this page for some reason
Just noticed Karen has heterochromia.