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Sexual Situations Frequent Strong Language
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In the fictional city of Fairliestoke, a lovestruck student, a well-meaning goof, and an unmotivated artist attempt to muddle their way through Real Adulthood™ and waste a bunch of time together. Work, love, friendship--they're pretty bad at all of it. Updates on Mondays and Thursdays

Contains some strong language and mild sexual content

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Mel Cormac
Mel Cormac
Webcomic artist, writer, and attempted funny person

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There are worse reasons to become a traveling photographer than avoiding exes. It doesn't pay very well though, so I'm not sure he can manage to make a living at it.
Mel Cormac
I feel like Ste's discount is only for him, and friends and family can't use it. But yes, Jon now risks potential awkwardness practically any time he leaves the house. Which is slightly more than usual.
Mel Cormac
Eventually Jon has to do all his shopping in Scotland
Okay Jon - just don't start a relationship with an employee over there, or else you'll soon have to do cross-country road trips for grocery shopping...
Did Ste/Sven get an employee discount? Switching stores might cost more than just the travel and hauling difficulty. I look forward to Jon suffering those, and other consequences. :)

This is a new problem to get used to for him, but it could've been so much worse that I don't think it rates, "yikes." Granted, at this point he's stuck with an ex in his neighbourhood to avoid, but this is part of why it's risky to romance people we don't know. There's usually better options, unless you're a long distance lorry driver or something.