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Sexual Situations Frequent Strong Language
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In the fictional city of Fairliestoke, a lovestruck student, a well-meaning goof, and an unmotivated artist attempt to muddle their way through Real Adulthood™ and waste a bunch of time together. Work, love, friendship--they're pretty bad at all of it. Updates on Mondays and Thursdays

Contains some strong language and mild sexual content

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Mel Cormac
Mel Cormac
Webcomic artist, writer, and attempted funny person

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"Are you trying to pull life insurance fraud, my heart just sunk into my lungs for a second"
On the other hand though, Seth & Jon having to babysit their little brother sounds like a fun story arc! ;-D
Mel Cormac
wow i'm her
Mel Cormac
Ah I'm glad I went with my instincts! Her face looked way funnier to me that way!