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Last update: 18th Feb 2021, 12:00 PM
Occasional Strong Language
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"Water Lily High" is a comic series about a teen goth girl named Sarah and her strange and unique friends. The comics consist of random adventures and story lines.


Hello, my name is Sarah T. Aka WLHcomics or waterlilyhighwc1, I'm the creator of a webcomic series called "Water Lily High" and it's still-in-production spin-off series called "Welcome To Camp Hollow". My goal is to create content that not only makes people smile but that inspires others to draw what they love.

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Come on everyone it's obviously a bughouse truck!
Author Note
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
Author Note
I hate drawing spikey word balloons... This was originally a traditionally drawn comic but I wanted clean up the lines a bit, so I just redid the whole thing since I had trouble doing so, plus I had trouble reading the text on the original one, I'll upload it to the artwork section of this website later.
Author Note
Hands off my chocolate boy!!!
Author Note
Managed to get another comic done today, and yes this was also an old inktober52 prompt from last year. Hope y'all like it!
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