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Comic profile: We don't need Rolls
We don't need Rolls
Where we are going, We don't need rolls!
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Comic language: English
Genre: Comedy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 2nd Sep 2018, 4:00 PM
Number of comics: 44
Number of subscribers: 5
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Rating: 5 (3 votes)

Comic description

Where they are going they don't need rolls!
A campaign comic which the DM doesn't want to deal with rolling or anything to do with Dice anymore. So the resident clever team member starts up a new idea. An integer program, a mood attachment, and a voting system.
Join us on this time traveling adventure of probability with
We Don't Need Rolls: A Back to the Future Campaign Comic



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2nd Sep 2018
...My biggest question about this whole how does the doc keep the car going straight and plan to get it to stop when the a dog.
Left on Props to build the mood
2nd Sep 2018
So next week I might have to take a break from uploading. I have been too stressed to work on this at the pace I want.
Side note: Props!

Edit: because of a mental break down updates for just Sunday in October (second week, inktober got to me)

Updates (October)


: Chris did you hit 88 mph yet?
Chris: Almost.
[Sound of a CLICK and a BEEP]
Chris: Just now.
Rob: Here we go. As the DeLorean races at you, you hear a loud crackling sound as the car is surrounded by blue sparks, the tires have fire behind them, yet you don't smell burning rubber.
Mike: Is shining the flashlight on us necessary?
Rob: Yep.
Left on Props to build the mood
27th Aug 2018
Does The Dog Go To -10 ?
Left on Build Up: Part 2
26th Aug 2018
Story time: Name a time in game where your teammates tried to kill each other.

Updates Sunday


Chris: This has been fun and all, but it's time.
Mike: Time for what?
Chris: Doc let's go of the breaks and the car comes racing toward you.
Mike: Wait was Doc chaotic evil this whole time!? I mean if not Doc is just planning to kill us and... No! I'll not be connected to the death of dog!
Rob: Mike...
Chris: Mike, just wait.
Left on Build Up: Part 2
19th Aug 2018
I think Mike is second guessing picking this campaign. Also I think I edited the brightness in a few of these pages. I can't remember.

Updates Sunday


Rob: The DeLorean gets faster and faster, you can smell the burning rubber. Einstein is just in the car, chilling, unaware of everything.
Mike: Marty is trying to back away.
Chris: Doc gives him a look like what the hell does he think he's doing?
Mike: Marty thinks he doesn't want to be hit by a car.
Rob: Marty or you?
Mike: It's a little of both of us, to be honest.
Left on Why move?