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We don't need Rolls
Where we are going, We don't need rolls!
Last update: 2nd Feb 2020, 3:00 PM
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Where they are going they don't need rolls!
A campaign comic which the DM doesn't want to deal with rolling or anything to do with Dice anymore. So the resident clever team member starts up a new idea. An integer program, a mood attachment, and a voting system.
Join us on this time traveling adventure of probability with
We Don't Need Rolls: A Back to the Future Campaign Comic



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So I really tried to work on more, but in the main story I only manage to get seven pages of this comic done and a flashback comic that I am planning had 11 finished.

Just you have to understand how hard it is just having two players and the GM just talking, I know I just need to power through but, OH BOY.

I have been considering removing the borders from the panels and bubbles, I honestly think it looks really good and I plan to use that format for my flashback comic, but for current age WDNR I am still not sure. These pages are gonna look a bit off so buckle up!

Next Page: March 1st


Mike: Well now that, THAT happened: Is there anything else I see?

: The license plate is spinning on the ground. The "number" is O U T A T I M E.

Mike: Can I pick it up?

Rob: You can try.

Mike (as Marty): Still can't believe you murdered your dog.

Chris (as Doc: Marty! My young friend, it wasn't murder! It was time travel!

Rob: Negative 27.

Mike: I mean I would have dropped it anyway. Hold on...

Mike (as Marty): DOC! You made a time machine!?

Chris (as Doc): Hang on I got my second speech ready.
Author Note
Whoo-hoo! Welcome back!
“Hello again”
So it's 2020, and I haven't been the best all this time. I honestly have been doing quite better and on reflection, I missed doing this comic. I was reading my old pages and laughing and I realized I really want to get back to it.

Now here is the deal, my backlog is garbage, right now. I had six back up pages, but they were all half done. I now have 2 finished pages, and the 3 left to finish.

So as of right now, I will be posting one comic the first Sunday of each month. Until we hit May in which it will be every Sunday. My goal is to get back to three comics a week for October through November.

Thanks for sticking with me. Seeing I have had some views really surprises me, but I am glad.


Rob(GM): And with a giant explosion of multiple colors; you can see there is nothing left of the DeLorain.


Rob(GM): Yeah, a line of flames line up between your legs and past you. Leaving nothing behind.

: Doc's just overjoyed!
I'm surprised he isn't waking anyone up.

Chris (as Doc): Ha HA! It's works! I have finally achieved my life's dream! Thirty years of work has led to the greatest scientific discovery of our life time. 88 MILES PER HOUR!!!!

Rob(GM): Mike? You okay?

Mike: What did we say about dog murder!
Author Note
“Oh right the page”
Man capturing these shots are hard, but this was a gem, practical tech is just underrated, look at those colors.
Also the team has clearly had trouble with Dog murder in the past....
That's something.
I am alive, life and break downs sometimes get in the way.