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Comic profile: We don't need Rolls
We don't need Rolls
Where we are going, We don't need rolls!
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Comic language: English
Genre: Comedy
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Last update: 3 days ago, 4:00 PM
Number of comics: 41
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Comic description

Where they are going they don't need rolls!
A campaign comic which the DM doesn't want to deal with rolling or anything to do with Dice anymore. So the resident clever team member starts up a new idea. An integer program, a mood attachment, and a voting system.
Join us on this time traveling adventure of probability with
We Don't Need Rolls: A Back to the Future Campaign Comic



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3 days ago
Maybe you would see it as a ghost Marty. Just be a teen that haunts a mall where no one is at night.

Updates Sunday


Mike: *in Marty's voice* Can you tell me why we are standing in the line of fire?
Chris: It's way more cool this way.
Mike: Huh. I don't think death is cool.
Chris: *In Doc's voice* Ah Marty, when this baby hits 88 mph you're gonna see some serious shit.
Mike: I don't know how he's gonna see it when he is dead.
Rob: Any reason you two are-
Mike: I don't wanna ruin Doc's tape.
Chris: It's been a good way to distract Mike and Marty as Doc hits the gas.
Mike: It's way too late for this...
Left on Going in and out of character
10 days ago
The panels here narrow to give you that feeling of dread. Also we all know a dog would be a better driver than some humans.

Updates Sunday


Chris: Alright. That should do it. I got the car in position.
Rob: Sounds good, Chris. What's Doc's next move?
Chris: I grab Marty and move quickly to our left.
Mike: Wait! Where are we moving to exactly Chris?
Chris: Right in front of the DeLorean.
A decent dis-
Mike: There is never a decent distance away from a car, that's facing you. With a dog at the wheel!
Left on What is SAFE really?
ChaosStar0 (Guest)
30th Jul 2018
Fuck yes. Just heard about this from Code Game Night. Very exited to read.
Left on DM and the Protag
29th Jul 2018
Man these pages are so samey. Can't wait until it isn't the middle of the night and we are seeing different rpers.

Updates Sunday.


Chris: Doc's finger rests right near the switch before suddenly...!
Rob: You hear the sound of tires screeching as the DeLorean backs up faster than Lea's dog when you walk near her.
Chris: Daisy is really jumpy isn't she?
Rob: Yes, she is. Anyhow the car zooms off to the other side of the lot. Dog still safely inside.
Chris: Doc is looking at the car with the utmost focus.
Mike: I feel this would be more awesome if you had some music.
Rob: Well Tommy is asleep so...
Mike: Got ya.
Left on A Bunch Of Build Up Part One
27th Jul 2018
So I have an announcement: As this Sunday I am cutting down to just Sunday updates until October 3rd. Work keeps me busy and I am just tired. If I decide to do it earlier I will let you know but I am not uploading all three days until I have a backlog of 20 comics.

Updates (sunday)


Rob: Okay! Your dog is all set up for travel. How exactly are you going to get this to work Chris?
Chris: Truth be told the system of rolling was set up to match this sort of thing perfectly.
[Chris PASSES A NOTE to Rob]
Rob: Huh... Alright, well. Don't worry I am sure I can think of ways to make this harder in the future...
Chris: Don't laugh man.
Rob: Right, right. Let's start this baby up! The car's engine starts when Doc clicks on the remote. The numbers start rising.
Mike: *In Marty's voice* So you made a remo-
Chris: *In Doc's voice* Marty, this is going to be the greatest moment of the century. Film it.
Mike: *In Marty's voice* You got it!
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