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Comic profile: We don't need Rolls
We don't need Rolls
Where we are going, We don't need rolls!
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Comic language: English
Genre: Comedy
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Last update: 2 days ago, 4:00 PM
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Comic description

Where they are going they don't need rolls!
A campaign comic which the DM doesn't want to deal with rolling or anything to do with Dice anymore. So the resident clever team member starts up a new idea. An integer program, a mood attachment, and a voting system.
Join us on this time traveling adventure of probability with
We Don't Need Rolls: A Back to the Future Campaign Comic



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2 days ago
Sometimes it doesn't matter how sweet your licks are; sometimes numbers kick your ass.
Jennifer won't have a player until much later. Given my rate I would say next year.


Rob: Okay, everything is generated. Now for the math.
Mike: Bring it on numbers.
*Mike starts playing a recording of his music, as shown by the background text of "ROCK AND ROLL!!!!!!" *
Rob: Positive forty-seven! Not a bad start. Next is positive one hundred. Jennifer looks impressed.
Lea: Found anyone to play her yet?
Rob: Not yet, still looking. Mike this is an awesome recording. Positive forty-one.
*Mike's recording can be heard, it has "SWEET LICKS!*
Mike: You think?
Rob: Oh for sure- Oh.
*Mike's recording has a good "POWER CHORD!"*
Mike: Oh what?
Rob: I am sorry Mike. I know this track is kickass. But-
*Rob turns off the recording with a "Click" *
Rob: That's a negative sixty-eight and negative eighty-three. I can't ignore it.
Lea: But he was doing so well, what's the reason?
Rob: They say it's too loud.
Mike: *in Marty's voice* Well damn.
Lea: Agreed.
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4 days ago
"No, It's in the corner of the room. The Clock Corner."
"So when someone says they want to clean your clock-?"
"I tell them that it will take awhile!"
Left on Seventy-Two Clocks
4 days ago
"My character has seventy-two clocks!"
"In a row?!"
Left on Seventy-Two Clocks
5 days ago
Page 9. I like how the only important info was that Doc had a bunch of clocks and lives right next door to fast food. Not that he got a late slip. I know it might have slipped his mind, but really I think it's how you hid things from you parents.

Not that Lea is anyone's mom, she is not.

Now spend the rest of the next hour wondering what they played to knock out power in over five blocks.


Lea: So what did I miss?
Mike: Chris's character has seventy-two clocks and lives nest door to Burger King.
Lea: Seventy-two clocks?
Mike: Chris also came up with a way to play without dice.
Lea: Ah, still hate Frank huh Rob Rob?
Rob: It isn't fair. It isn't nice.
Lea: Okay what's this new non dice system?
Rob: Hey! Marty was about to perform. We could show you.
Lea: Wait, are we doing this live again?
Mike: Nope! We took out power in at least six blocks last time.
Lea: Right, no one likes the power going out.
Rob: *in boring teacher voice* Let's get going McFly!
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One week ago
Note if you ever do a transcript. Put it in another spot before trying to upload the page or else don't copy anything else. I almost had to rewrite the whole transcript. Because of a page crash.

Now on to real comments.
This page has:
Set up for future comics.
Font used from BttF 2.
Lea is here (insert happy horn section)


Mike: Well that was a good test run. But I would prefer if we go back to roleplaying.
Rob: Sure thing!
Rob: *In Strickland's voice* You are a failure, like your old man. All McFlys are failures. You hang around with Doctor Brown, who owns more than sixty clocks and you can't even ask him for a watch so you aren't late? Slacker!
Mike: Ouch. Getting kinda of meta there, aren't we? How would he know that?
Rob: This is your second late slip and he has been working at this school for forty years. He knows things.
Rob: *In Strickland's voice* Why did you bother putting your name on the roster for the band auditions? We both know you are going to chicken out!
Mike: *In Marty's voice* Hey, I am not a chic-
Rob: Hang on! He's not done. He grabs you by your jean jacket and gets really close. Your noses are almost touching. Your eyes are locked.
Rob: *In Strickland's voice* All McFlys are chickens. It's in your blood!
Mike: Welp I' uncomfortable!
*Door creaks open*
Lea: Hello anybody home?
Mike: Lea! Good! We can take a break now!
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