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The year is 2004. George, Phil, and Liz are your average American teenagers...that happen to be attending a school for mad scientists.
Okay, maybe their definition of "average" is a bit different than yours...


Amazing Chris Godbey
Amazing Chris Godbey
I think I'm funny. Hopefully you do, too.
I do Weird in a Can.

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Amazing Chris Godbey
"How to Date a Vampire", Chapter One:
"WHY You Should Date a Vampire".
Amazing Chris Godbey
Cassandra's more into Anne Rice than F. W. Murnau.

Which is a shame, since Nosferatu is my favorite film adaptation of Dracula.
You lost me after good social standing xD

Y'know if there isnt already a book called "How To Date A Vampire" This page would be an excellent start xD
And then we have THIS GHOUL over here...
I'm worried about that turtle.