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By The Amazing Chris Godbey (updates Tuesdays & Thursdays))
Last update: 6th Feb 2020, 8:02 AM
Occasional Strong Language
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The year is 2004. George, Phil, and Liz are your average American teenagers...that happen to be attending a school for mad scientists.
Okay, maybe their definition of "average" is a bit different than yours...


Amazing Chris Godbey
Amazing Chris Godbey
I think I'm funny. Hopefully you do, too.
I do Weird in a Can.

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It’s good seeing you posting what you love, to share with others. I enjoy your characters and your humor, every day, my friend. See you on our next crossroad.
Amazing Chris Godbey
That's right, baby! Weird in a Can is still going!
I'm honestly not sure when the next chapter will start up (especially since I'm still in the process of drawing it), but it'll be coming, eventually.

But until then, enjoy this little Intermission, repurposed from a comic I did for the Kentucky Community & Technical College System almost a decade ago.
Author Note
“Love it”
This is the best Christmas Story ever, its scary, it's humorous, and the guest star Lou albino. What else do you need. I love the way you can see the black eye on George. Great job. Can't wait until next decade.
Amazing Chris Godbey
And that wraps it up!
Thanks for reading, folks! And I hope you have a Merry Christmas, a happy holidays, and a happy new year!
Author Note
Amazing Chris Godbey
Y'know, I feel like Ignorance and Want don't show up in a lot of adaptations of Dickens' story. Didn't wanna leave 'em out of mine, though.
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