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Webcomic profile: Weirdo-Freak
Thrilling Tales from a Bygone Age!
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Language: English
Genre: Other
Activity status: Discontinued/Completed
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Last update: 12th Aug 2016, 1:00 PM
Number of comics: 35
Number of subscribers: 3
Visitors: 4974 visitors (15206 pages viewed)
Rating: 5 (1 votes)


I live in Cincinnati, Ohio, with my wife and children.

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13th Aug 2016
So this is the last installment of Weirdo-Freak for the foreseeable future; I wanted to share what I had sitting around in the ol' archives, and I don't have time to draw anything new. Hope you enjoyed it! If you'd like to see more Weirdo-Freak comics, please contact the character's creator, Dale Floyd French, and demand that he get to work.

If you'd like to read more about Weirdo-Freak, including his time rooming with Jimmy and the demon Malev'lynn (seen above), his battle with Hate Frog, and more, visit the Fuzzball & Scuzzball web comic, in which Weirdo-Freak is a supporting character.

Great jumping-on points for new readers include:
Weirdo-Freak's first appearance;
The beginning of the Color Era;
The official Great Jumping-On Point for New Readers;
and The Existentialist Funnies comic, shown above, which leads into the Hell Hath Lots of Fury storyline.

Thanks for reading!
Left on existentialist funnies
5th Aug 2016
This is from the Fuzzball & Scuzzball web comic, which is just now wrapping up. I drew this one in, what, 2002? This is a good summation of Weirdo-Freak's personality in the modern era.
Left on Weirdo-Freak & Scuzzball
3rd Aug 2016
Today's drawing comes from the third and final issue of Fuzzball & Scuzzball: Private Investigators, the series that Dale F. French and I wrote and drew when we were in high school. We were young, and our artwork was pretty primitive, but F&S #3 was our crowning achievement. We worked on it all summer before we went off to college, co-writing, with Dale doing most of the artwork. It took hours of labor, but we finished it on August 26, 1993.

This is the comic where we revealed Triangle's death; the incident itself has never been shown, and the details remain shrouded in mystery.
Left on The Death of Triangle
31st Jul 2016
This brings us to the end of the Holiday Hi-Jinx story that I drew back in 2000.

This page is also the first appearance of Weirdo-Freak's roommate Jimmy. Jimmy was created solely to help wrap up this story. But even though he appears in only three panels, and has only two lines of dialogue, I immediately liked the character and wanted to use him again. I don't know why; sometimes these things just happen.

Jimmy's next appearance was in the two-page Fuzzball & Scuzzball comic I wrote and drew for the QAGS Second Edition rulebook in 2003. I redesigned him for that appearance, to make him cartoonier.

Jimmy went on to become a regular character in the Fuzzball & Scuzzball web comic, and later in the Happy D20 Adventures comic strip I did with Josh Burnett.

More recently, Jimmy's started dating a girl named Hannah, and they've had thrilling adventures.

Anyway, I'm almost out of Weirdo-Freak material to post here; there will be a few more odds and ends coming up, and after that, I may be done here. We'll see.
Left on Epilogue!
29th Jul 2016
I appreciate it!

The bad news is, this story is almost over.
Left on Showdown