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Last update: 23rd Jun 2020, 3:09 AM
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
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xyrzes accorda'dei is an alien tactician for the united universe that was sent to assist a fleet investigating life on earth. when the ship they were boarding was attacked by the rex exscinda, they narrowly escaped and plummeted to the earth's surface, only to drag everyone around them into an intergalactic war. tries to update sundays! emphasis on TRY.


im harley! US south-based debatably "good" artist and aspirational scientist. im most active on tumblr @astrotomy

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More precious birb lizard coming soon?? Yusssss
wait, im alive? why didnt you tell me before?
You live again!
wait its june already? oh god oh jesus oh god what is time

despite the whole virus thing my boss has me working 6 days a week still so progress on the redo has been slowed. it's still a thing and, who knows, it might come around sooner than you and i might think. (would love some free time, though.)

with what i have planned, the story wouldn't pivot to earth at all, rendering the name "welcome to earth" completely irrelevant. when i first thought of w2e back in 2015 it was a lot more relevant and lost its relevancy more and more i worked on it so its kind of overdue. i have a few ideas for a new name but they all kind of suck... im not good with naming things LOL

overall theres still stuff to be done but i have some of the big things out of the way so all that's really left besides a new name is to definitely nail down a style and write a new script.

uh, if you're still keeping up with this, thank you, seriously. i know there's not a lot of you but man if you got to this point even that means a lot to me. my dumb brainchild hasnt even made it out to the public for more than two chapters but its been occupying my mind for the past five years and getting it on digital paper has been a weird perfectionistic process. thanks for the patience. it'll be worth it, or at least i hope.

now if youll excuse me im about to sink back into the bottom of the bog that i live in. keep an eye out for new stuff.
Author Note
You could try some sort of identifier for the word bubbles, like a symbol or just a tiny version of their face or something along those lines.

Also bird boy is precious and adorable and definitely did not enjoy his "medical condition" with his earlier renditions.