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West Tree Academy of Heroes
disclaimer: west tree academy of heroes contains only 20 percent heroes. presence of actual trees not guaranteed.
Last update: 1st Jan 2015, 6:28 AM
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Life can suck, thats no exception for Zach Mann and SD cause they're socially retaded and are surrounded by weird demihumans in a weird and dangerous universe. But they do have some normal friends, well as normal as they get in this world.


I like to make comics about everything and anything

tumblr here http://thedewdartblog.tumblr.com/
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New site!:http://freakanimes.info/westtree/

Hey guys, new year, new site. And as the terribly drawn annabeth said, we have moved, and we think you should go on to that site to see new pages, like chapter 9 soon coming to existence!

And we wouldn't want to miss the reveal of Annabeth's gender, how Jack and Annabeth met, who's this Saudra Sarah keeps on talking about, and what evils still lurk the very world of west tree...
Author Note
Lol best ending to a comic chapter evur.
Ok peeps, I got some news to drop on all of you.

I won't be updating anymore...

Well not here anyways, I'm gonna be on anime freaks, so yeah, if you just click the link in the sentence after this one that'll be alright, also if the newsite doesn't have every page up, please tell me because i don't know how finished the site will be by the 26th because im typing this on the 20th.

anyways, here's the new site! http://freakanimes.info/westtree/

And my email is zachdewd@gmail.com

I'll still leave this site up, just incase there are fillers that i don't feel like carrying over, but you guys still wanna see.
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I leginimatly forgot what sd was going to say there.

support me on pootreon!

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Aaaaand Saved.