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A comic 95% guaranteed [conditions apply] to make you either laugh or sigh in exasperation or utter disappointment. With a consistent cast of characters, expect everything else to be totally inconsistent, from themes to writing styles to quality. Aims to update every other Tuesday [conditions apply].

Harsh language on occasion


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It wasn't just Australia,.. apparently there never was a shortage, but a slight increase in buying volume can easily empty the shelves. There's still a ton of stock in the back but seeing an empty shelf is enough to start a run.
I'm a bit the same with sand
Didn't realise sand could be so traumatic
Somebody had to do it. Somebody just HAD to do it, lol.
The background is used in accordance with a Creative Commons 2.5 Attribute Share-alike license. Link -> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flinders_Street_railway_station#/media/File:1_flinders_st_station_melb.jpg
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