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at age 15, milo was convicted for his involvement in the murder of haylie gorski. the internet never forgets.


i'm a cartoonist living in the midwest and i draw the comic "what happens next". it's really good and normal. thank you

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I think while Gage has some... skewed morals... that he really does care? He may aestheticize/romanticize murder and how he views Milo and Griffin's dynamic, but he's still not like... a cold-blooded killer. He's a young adult who's presumably dealt with a lot of issues of his own and is able to sympathize with Milo here, I think.

...I really, really hope this doesn't sound like I'm about to advocate for "Gage did nothing wrong." It's just that they're a complex character I can really dig my teeth into.
Love how he managed to save his MLP plushie
Here we see a fascinating web of obligation and responsibility between Milo, Gage, and Griffin, based on a disastrous previous relationship, a rose-lensed view of that relationship, and the continuing strands of quasi-kinship which link the three of them together. Sorry to sound pretentious, but I can't find a better way of describing it
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so this lad reads Kiwifarms