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What Lurks Beneath
A webcomic about cult cats
Last update: 6 days ago, 6:14 AM
Graphic Violence / Gore Occasional Strong Language
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A large population of feral cats face a crisis on their island. Their Queen must come up with a solution, and deal with those who defy her.


Hello! I'm Aru and I make comics! :D

You can find me on Twitter and Deviantart

I hope you enjoy WLB and my other projects!

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Ohmigod cameos yes-My character has light blue eyes and black fur with grey splotches
Them cats are like people irl. Cant accept some of the simplest things
He’s not a daisy anymore, jerkoff. He joined the family. Man I hate Krill, he’s well fed and has never gone hungry but he sees a half starved cat eat a little more than one serving and loses it. That cats face is so gaunt, how does Krill feel justified in screaming at a terrified, malnourished cat? Sociopath??
You cant get much through someone if that someone is afraid for their lives
Oooh, other problems, she says.