What Lurks Beneath
A webcomic about cult cats
Last update: Yesterday, 7:11 PM
Graphic Violence / Gore Occasional Strong Language
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A large population of feral cats face a crisis on their island. Their Queen must come up with a solution, and deal with those who defy her.


Hello! I'm Aru and I make comics! :D

You can find me on Twitter and Deviantart

I hope you enjoy WLB and my other projects!

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Uh oh ... Hake, no no no. Not a good idea, dude!
reddog f.13
And its gonna make tusk all the more bitter toward the family. Seeing her as untrustworthy.
Bet she freaks when she sees Tusk. gunna let that fear get the better of her and lash out.
The tide seriousli :)
chapter 21 begins! (:
It's been about 2 hours since the end of the last chapter, small time blip.
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