Wheel of Twisted Arcs
Last update: 10 days ago, 7:18 AM
Graphic Violence / Gore Occasional Strong Language
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An old Fare that was abandoned after it's tragic demise finally sees a visitor ,Lohit aka Red, whos curious to see the history and the life that once was. However, Red is surprised to meet a former member who survived and offers to show Red around the decaying carnival. The further in the carnival they go, the more drawn to this world Red becomes and soon realizes the mad ride of horrific demises they are both stuck on. Will history keep on repeating or can the wheel finally stop?


Mi chiamo Triste Clown! Oh pure uno dei due nomi, Clown/Triste, qualsiasi vuoi!
I enjoy making things, coding, art, music and more...
You can find my work on:
DA: TristeBuffon
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