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A buddhist-fantasy webcomic
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Violent Content Occasional Frontal Nudity Sexual Situations Occasional Strong Language
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Tara has lost all direction in her life. After resigning her ordination as a buddhist nun (bhikkhuni) two years ago, she looks for purpose in mercenary work- but doesn't find what she expects. In an alternate fantasy world based on Theravadan Buddhist mythology, the wheel of Tara's life is about to spin and bring her places she never thought possible.

This comic is rated PG-13 in terms of content! (cartoonish violence, mild language, sexual themes, etc.)

Updates on Fridays/weekends! (if all goes right. if it changes I'll post an author blog entry for delays.)
My art blog is lilacbombsart.tumblr.com. If you'd like to see more of my drawings/more info about my characters pre-production, follow me there.


HI, my name is Liz and I'm a digital/traditional artist on tumblr. I love creating and talking about my own characters, and I hope to launch my first ever webcomic here. Thank you for taking interest in me~!

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Foiled by the invisible force-field once again.
Welcome back! Great page here!
This is a fantastic page Liz! The colours on here is GOREGOUS aaaaa
Do you think the capitol has installed naga-proof glass?


So, I'm back! The break was good for me, but I think I fretted over it too much. Ultimately going back to wheel story I realized is what would be best for me.
Thank you all for your patience– I've been experimenting with colored lineart to make the process faster, and it really worked!! I'm estatic. I look forward to making more wonderful things in color for all of you <3
Author Note
The customer service in Verbenas is very... two-faced.


Heyy sorry if this page looks. completely different from the last. I'm still trying to figure this whole b&w thing out. (I've done it in the past sure, but diferent scenarios require a certain level of contrast.
Anyway, thank you for reading! See you soon.
Author Note