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Comic profile: whensdays
updating whichever wednesdays when I have a new one. because I can.
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Comic language: English
Genre: Other
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 7th Jan 2015, 9:50 AM
Number of comics: 94
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Comic description

I'm a guy with many interests- I act, I draw, I animate, I write, I film, I eat, I sleep. Lather, rinse and repeat.
I'm also a guy with lots of ideas and not so much time to make them all happen. thus, the name "When's day comics"-- as in, "when's the next comic day gonna be?"
well, it'll be a Wednesday, whenever I get a chance to get a new page done. It'd be easy to do one strip a week, but this is 4 or 5 on every page, and I still have to work the day job for now. I'm also working on getting a job animating.
while that miracle is waiting to happen, I'm working on an animated short cartoon of my own. perhaps from time to time I'll insert a tease for it in the middle of the whensday comics continuity, just to whet folks' appetites. and as i get some scenes done (it's only a 3-minute short, with about 34 shots in it) I may share video links to completed bits. When it's all complete you can be sure that I'll be sharing the whole thing here! so stay tuned!


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gene hole
16th Oct 2014
gene hole
spent last week driving to and from Missouri (I live in PA) for my college's homecoming (I graduated 10 years ago). So I didn't have much time to work on new comics. I should be able to find more time by next week though. so stay tuned!
Left on Apocryphal Wednesdays 29
Gene Hole (Guest)
11th Oct 2014
good one! haha
Left on vol. 6, iss. 8
9th Oct 2014
Punchy Plumber? Not Paunchy?
Left on vol. 6, iss. 8
gene hole
8th Oct 2014
gene hole
I'm thinking of offering a chance to purchase an 8 x 22 poster of this week's Margin of Error. Anyone interested can message me for more details.
Left on vol. 6, iss. 8
gene hole
10th Sep 2014
gene hole
ha, thanks!
Left on vol. 6, iss. 6