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Every story needs a villain...
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For every story about a hero, there is a "bad guy". Only, this story isn't about the hero. It's about the smart-alec, tough-as-nails villain. About her fights, her triumphs, her losses, her lackeys... And maybe her love life. If she can ever get the guts to ask the girl of her dreams out. (Moved here from Smackjeeves. First half of comic is 10 years old, excuse the art changes. Usually update Sunday or Monday, and sometimes Wednesday.)


Movin over here from Smackjeeves. I spend way too much time playin video games when I'm not doodling or working.

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Sean: Stop acting like we're friends!!
Also Sean: (acts like a friend)
Author Note
“about that..........”
probably not the best moment to remind them of there.
touchy subject...
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No pressure or anything.
Gail would have a shitfit if she heard this convo lol
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