When She Was Bad
Every story needs a villain...
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For every story about a hero, there is a "bad guy". Only, this story isn't about the hero. It's about the smart-alec, tough-as-nails villain. About her fights, her triumphs, her losses, her lackeys... And maybe her love life. If she can ever get the guts to ask the girl of her dreams out. (Moved here from Smackjeeves. First half of comic is 10 years old, excuse the art changes. Usually update Sunday or Monday, and sometimes Wednesday.)


Movin over here from Smackjeeves. I spend way too much time playin video games when I'm not doodling or working.

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oh lol thx i was listening to something at the time so was really zoning out and taking a lot more time on that panel than i usually do
(i was also zoomed in WAY TOO MUCH and then realized my mistake and had to resize the sketch and tweak it a lot and oof so annoying)
ooh, lots of really nice detail in that bottom left frame!
omg comicfury is finally working and no longer loading every single part of the site at a snail's pace WOOO

also FUN FACT i was inking this page and watching a scary movie and the power in the neighborhood went out and i sat there in pitch darkness frozen for like ten seconds partly terrified and partly just going "oh god i hope i saved" (spoiler alert, i am a compulsive saver)
Author Note
...he's gonna die, isn't he?
hahaha XD
i love that pattern, it's so cuteee