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While I was dying
A comic of things pertaining to life; mainly cats, moms, and science.
Last update: 28th May 2012, 5:17 PM
Frequent Strong Language
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While I was dying is a comic influenced heavily by science, skepticism, feminism, and environmental issues. Occasionally it is also about cats, because I am a cat lady and can't help myself. The name "While I Was Dying" is inspired from a wonderful book called All About H. Hatterr. It goes, "While I was dying, and, having into the bargain, the most alive experience of my life, Always-Happy, Satan's young alter ego, was there too, and wide awake, and preoccupied."


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Sometimes, you're at the library of congress, in a giant reverberating hall, and your boyfriend says something really loud that embarrasses you.
Author Note
Tommy Shizuko
...that would be my dad..
Tommy Shizuko
ohhhhh the puns....
Tommy Shizuko
“story about bats..”
my mom had a coworker who insisted bats were reptiles ..
Tommy Shizuko
“kitty ”
lol that's a cat..