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A Chronicles of Prydain fancomic
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When Taran returns from his wanderings with the hope of being worthy of Eilonwy's hand, neither of them are expecting the day of their reunion to be the day the country is thrown once more into war. While the wounded Prince Gwydion is tended inside the cottage, these long-separated friends with feelings that are...complicated, find their own way to reconnect.

Fancomic adaptation of my fanfic of the same name, set during The High King, fifth book in The Chronicles of Prydain by Lloyd Alexander


Drawing longer than most people on this site have been alive, but only delved into comics a few years ago. Loves classic children's literature, celtic fantasy, Wales, and Assistant Pig-Keepers. In no particular order. Freelance illustrator of children's books and art coloring books.

Likes: singing, fanfiction, literary crit, sarcasm, 80s nostalgia, Henson, mountains, oceans, castles, and costumes.

Dislikes: politicians, internet trolls, and when people clear-cut woods to build ugly houses.

Other art, Prydain and otherwise here. ''

My Prydain fanfiction HERE.

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Can’t blame him.
That’s right. This is really just about the aesthetics. 😉
Hey, if you’re a walking sculpture, it’d be a crime against art lovers not to show that off, right? Hehe 😏
Tantz Aerine
He knows exactly what he did.