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The future of the past, through the eyes of today.
Last update: 16th Jul 2017, 9:18 AM
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From their headquarters in the Orbital White House, Seriously Secret Agents X8.5 and Jane defend the Commander In Chief from Dastardly Krauts, Nefarious Japanese, Loathsome gangsters and other evildoers with or without giant mustaches.


Translator, webcomics artist since dirt. Sometimes I make music-like noises.

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Just a one-off one-pager! This idea has been in my head for years - in fact so long that I'm not 100% sure that it's an original idea anymore. I'm doing sort of a challenge to myself to have an update up every day for a month, across the many different comics that I do on ComicFury. Here's how it works:

Every Tuesday and Saturday, Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan updates according to a fixed schedule, being in reruns/remasters. I have just completed a series of pages with extensive rework; from here on until September, very little extra work will be needed to keep up with this schedule (but I must plan ahead for September).

Nothing else will be on a fixed schedule. At the start of the challenge, I had nine episodes of Abúi's Travels ready to go and plan to run those on Mondays and Fridays, but so far, I've scheduled more of these comics in the second week, causing me to run out of ready-to-go episodes faster.
The Lives of X!Gloop and Spun Off will fill some of the rest of most weeks, but there may be the occasional one-pager for White House in Orbit popping up.

And I may add trial pages for new comics into the update mix! However, that will be a last resort as the aim of the exercise is to clear out half-finished work that is still on my desk and wrap up existing projects to make room to focus fully on those new ones.

Tomorrow's update will be on Abúi's Travels as per its schedule for the duration of the challenge.
Author Note
New guest art by Aggie Janicot! This is the first new White House in Orbit art to be published in over a decade.

A larger version can be seen and downloaded on Aggie's DeviantArt hub.
Author Note
Regretfully I have lost contact with Jim over the years. You'll find his portfolio here: https://mawhingo.wordpress.com/about/ Look it up, it's well worth your time.
Guest comic with art by Jim Byrt, written by our main writer Geir. As with the previous guest artist, I haven't heard from Jim in ages; in fact, I don't remember if I've ever had any direct contact with him at all! Jim was working on a webcomic at the time, called Heather but it never really materialized. On the Keenspace domain he had set aside for his comic at the time, there is a single update of a comic by someone else...
To the best of my knowledge, Jim works professionally in animation, which explains how he can draw so well and why he never found the time to work on his comic.

Unrelated: This particular comic is a bit of a milestone for me, because it's the 200th comic I uploaded or caused someone else to upload to ComicFury in 2017. I've been really unloading the archives! 103 of those have been White House in Orbit: all existing strips except the Christmas story. We're still pondering making new ones, but we're both getting hammered by time constraints and the way the things we want to satirize move at lightning speed these days.
Author Note
Guest comic by Robb Tanner AKA Xaviar Xerexes of the webcomic Life in Four Panels, which has been defunct for so long there is now another long-running webcomic by the same name. This was originally posted on Keenspace on August 3, 2002, and it just goes to show that 15 years is a very long time. Another creator I haven't heard from in forever, though I think we're friends on Facebook. Dunno for sure.
Anyway, Life in 4 Panels basically just summed up things from the artist's life, of which reading White House in Orbit was one.
Author Note