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A collection of special pages, intermissions, fanart and whimsical stuff featuring guest characters.


I'm a tattoo artist, comics are my stress-release therapy. My main influences were Jack Vance, Yas and Leiji Matsumoto.

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Zadra Hillimeth Arnisia Eyn Herian, crown princess of Theitor and main character of Altarion Saga, has her own sheet now.
(I know, rather pretentious and ridiculously long name, like all people in my royal families XD)
Author Note
Glad you liked her! I have a mental list of OCs I need to draw, Leonie was definitely one of the first.
OMG thank you sooo much whiteshaix, this is such a beautiful and unexpected surprise!! ;__; She looks incredible ahh I keep trying to pick out specific parts to comment on but everything is so beautiful and perfect lol!! Her hair, her pose, her face and expression, the folds of her dress, everything <333 And TWO shoes, even!!

Thank you thank you thank you! T_T <3
For the awesome andygruba. Leonie is one of those characters that I instinctively like from their first appearance.
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