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White Streak
Falling apart at the seams
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Violent Content Sexual Situations Occasional Strong Language
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PG:13 | Language, violence, self-harm, substance abuse.

Chad Kadian lives day to day as best he can; working 60 hours a week, making time with an equally-busy girlfriend, living with an anxious roommate, treating his mental health. The card-tower constructing his personal life crashes down one fateful summer day, and in an effort to regain control, he takes up masked vigilantism. But with so much on his plate as is, the balance can so easily skew.

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my name is hybrid and i'm trying to find an adequate mirror for my comics that don't treat me dirty the way tapas webtoons tumblr and smackjeeves did

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Oof, it's not going to be a good night...
the reason why it's all pixelated is because the file corrupted and i just took a screenshot of the page instead of redrawing it all over again my bad
it's gonna happen once more but not again after that, promise
Author Note
this comic was originally published on tapas on august 28 2016, so if you're impatient to catch up you can just read it here
Author Note
i promise it gets better i promise i PROMISE
Author Note

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