The Whimper in the Dark
Tales of Strange & Other Worldly Events though the Eyes of Jack, the Dog.
Last update: 5th Nov 2021, 11:15 PM
Graphic Violence / Gore
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A view into strange happenings as seen not by humans, who miss the events entirely, but rather through the eyes of a mixed rescue dog, Jack, and his not-so-attentive Boston Terrier friend, Julius. Journey with them as horrific terrors constantly threaten their environs, people, and the world around them.

Edward Gorey inspired inking, HP Lovecraft inspired milieu. Authored by Brad Arnett and Asheen Woods.

The Whimper in the Dark updates once per month, the second Friday of the month. It will update one arc or sub-arc per month.

Thanks for your patience! We hope you enjoy it!

**2021 Update** WinD is on hiatus for the time being. We have many ideas for more story arcs (oh so many), but I am currently spread too thin from Dark Horse, The Comic Fury Zine, and other projects. I hope this will only be a temporary hiatus, but please don't expect anything until after July 2021. Our sincerest apologies!


I am a big fan of manga, graphic novels, and comics in general. I have been hooked on comics since I was kid, and first introduced to anime through Sailor Moon. This was also my first manga in 1997. I received my Visual Arts BA from the University of Illinois at Springfield in 2010, and continue to work on improving my art.

**2022 Update**

Things are super busy. If you message me, I will get back, but please be patient. Just got a lot going on at the moment. Peace!

My blog can be found at the link below

Cerulean Dreams


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Jack dog understands quite a bit XD

Julius on the other hand...well, I think he knows more than he lets on XD XD Iggy in Stardust Crusaders (JoJo's) really, really captured the goofiness of Boston Terriers very well XD To the point where, if I happen to find myself with another Boston, Imma name them Iggy XD XD
Are you still having trouble with them? I'm not sure what's going with that, other than when I started, I used to link the images from an outside source. I can see the page, so I didn't realize it wasn't uploading elsewhere.

When I get a chance, I will go back and upload the images directly to ComicFury. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and let me know!
Your pages' images seem to be broken, even in website view
Panda Cop
Hey little puppers.

Apparently dogs are the only animal that understands pointing. I was surprised apes didnt understand it
6/21/22 Pupdate:
I project this arc to be concluded Halloween 2022.



I'll be working on Part 2 soon. I hope to have it ready this month.* Until then, thank you for reading!

*Life is extremely busy. There will be a conclusion. TBD.
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