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Webcomic profile: Wing It
Wing It
"Sure, why not?"
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Content flags: Violent Content
Language: English
Genre: Fantasy
Activity status: On hiatus
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Last update: 27th Jul 2012, 9:39 PM
Number of comics: 8
Number of subscribers: 0
Visitors: 9889 visitors (17768 pages viewed)
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Webcomic description

No reference images.
No erasers.
No measurements.
No advanced plot laid out.
This is art freestyle. This is me just winging it, and looking at the results.

Not anticipating updates in the immediate future.
For what will, check out Red Hood Rider.


I've gone by many names online and have been a veteran in communities for over nine years, now, but here I am to stay.

Originally, I came here because I used Flikr, with the same name before a slight change. It's where I normally had my webcomics. It was adequate for my needs at the time, but it has certain restrictions. Having 4 (at the time) webcomics, I thought it best to try and expand to other sites.

I do my webcomics purely for my own enjoyment, so I don't care about how low the quality is (mostly). I don't mind if people don't like it. But, hey, if others can learn to enjoy it, that'd certainly make me one happy writer. :)

Also, yes. I am THE Ranger. Living legend. Effectively a grandmother of CF.

(Current project: Red Hood Rider.)

Most recent comments left on Wing It

27th Jul 2012
This is as far as I got before the lack of reliable scanner discouraged me.

Okay, so I actually do have an eighth page, but it's only half-finished. So this is effectively the last page I made in the series. At this time, I don't really intend to resume Wing It for a while. Maybe some day down the line, but it's not a project I want to devote myself to. Not yet, anyway.

Hope you enjoyed it, what little there was, anyway.

The scan, along with the crop.
Left on Page 7
27th Jul 2012
Since the comic's pretty much discontinued, I might as well tell you here what "The Clash" is.

The Clash was a clash between two worlds which merged together. (A plot of mine recycled from a different story.) Our world, and the fantasy world. People from our world were sent through time equal distances before and after The Clash. It's been a little over 50 years since The Clash, and many people thought that there would be no more Immigrants (the term used for people from our world, as the Fantasy realm became the dominant world, with only small elements of our world remaining) anymore--which is why Gerick is such a surprise to this bandit leader.

Immigrants--coming from our world, where there is no magic--have an inherent anti-magic capability, whereas all Residents (the term for natives of the fantasy realm) have the capability for magic, though not everyone learns it.

However, Immigrants CAN learn magic, despite being walking fields of anti-magic. It's just extremely dangerous to mix the two. Collision of matter and anti-matter type of stuff, you could say.

Part of the setting is that our technology is slowly being incorporated into the fantasy world as well, and that said technology runs equally as much on science as it does on magic, meaning MagiTek is beginning to form.

Anyway, Scan, Crop.
Left on Page 6
27th Jul 2012
I actually like Gerick's expression in the last panel and the second panel. They're probably the only two expressions of his that I like. :P

Oh, and the two ones above it, leading into it.

But yeah, what is up with his neck in that one panel? He's human, not rubber. :P

Scan, crop.
Left on Page 5
27th Jul 2012
Did I mention that as the comic went on, I slowly got worse rather than better?

Well, I did. :P

Scan, Crop.
Left on Page 4
27th Jul 2012
Yes, I realize the art is God-Awful. It was made years ago, and even at the time I made it, it was sub-par. Keep in mind, Wing It was basically an exercise in improvisation--no advanced plot, no reference images, drawing just from my mind and trying to get a coherent picture.

...With results much as this sounds like; very bad execution. :P

I intended for Digital Wing It to fix that, though I never got that off the ground. For starters, it'd require regular Wing It to be uploaded consistently, and my scanner's a piece of junk. There's also the fact that when I started DWI, I intended to use a tablet to draw--something I don't have anymore.

Basically, the idea was that Wing It would be posted, and then DWI would be posted a comic or two later, to show a more consistent, better version. Never got around to it, though.

Scan, crop.
Left on Page 3