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a webcomic about a former witchhunter seeking help from her friend and his partner, a witch, to uncover the truth about a family curse and find a cure for her mysterious lifelong condition.


18 year old """artist""" and part-time goblin

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yes! purple is Steven (the witch), yellow is Thomas (Steven's partner), and green is Juniper (the witchhunter)!
Reread the early strips, purple is his partner?
thank you!! haha
hi! Juniper is the one speaking here and is a witchhunter, so she's known about the supernatural for most of her life! Thomas, however, has had no idea until now!
I’m confused - at the start of the strip he didn’t know that his partner was a witch or that the supernatural existed? Only a few hours later, he knows more than someone who has been training for years?