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Last update: 17th Jul 2017, 8:49 PM
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
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really loving the art on this comic. the layout looks great as well
Pepper & Coriander catch up and reminisce on their childhood, while Divya teaches Lily about human cooking!

Originally made for Thought Bubble 2016
Author Note
Two friends bond over sweaty violence, while another two grow closer over a long distance... demons also feature...
Author Note
Divya and Pepper journey across their city, collect ingredients and reconnect. A follow-up to the first comic, but a standalone story that can be read on its own.

Thanks to Emely, Liam, Mia, Iasmin, Ivy, K, Ben & Kelly!
Author Note
“Witch Trade #01 - Demo”
Two witches are called out to perform an exorcism (made for TCAF 2014)

(warning for cartoon gore)
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