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the Witchy Twins
The adventures of two city witches.
Last update: 10th Nov 2020, 8:26 PM
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The adventures of two city witches, working to keep the world a safe place.


Jana Weijers
Jana Weijers
I love fantasy, and magic, and storytelling.

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Jana Weijers
Kaylee, a police agent, specialised in the supernatural, visits an old lady to see whether there is a ghost, haunting her house. On previous visits, they never found one, and they always assumed whatever the old lady saw or heard was the neighbors cat. Today, it turns out there's something else going on...

I like how dynamic this page turned out.
Author Note
Jana Weijers
Yes, she does. Raina likes fire magic. :)
is her sister lighting a dude on fire?!


that's awesome
Jana Weijers
I loved sketching this page, then struggled with putting it in ink.

Kaylee was sent to pay a visit to mrs Dimaccio, who called the supernatural police to complain about a ghost.
Author Note
Jana Weijers
Kaylee briefly explains her work, while walking to her assignment.
Author Note