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A lighthearted slice of life romance featuring an unlikely pair.
(Contains strong language and sexual humor.)


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(Will delete when chapter 2 cover goes up!) Just a little something extra while I work on chapter 2! The most recent page was a bit too large to show my process as a video, so here's a video of a different page. VIDEO
Also, larger image!

The results of the anniversary YCH! Characters belong to:
A: Taily
B: Guypercinn
C: Shibazoid!
D: Mst3kfan
E: mitchellbravo
F: Kytic

Still working on the roughs for chapter 2, but I hope to get started on the actual pages soon! Hopefully the wait will be worth it! Will keep you guys updated through the blog!
BTW If anyone would like to critique and rip my roughs to shreds once they're done, feel free to message me. I'll draw you something in return. ^^

Thank you all so much~ <3
Author Note
Aww! Thank you so so much!!

Definitely. ;.; Poor, poor Josh. Can't catch a break. lol
Oh my God, yeah! What a bloody disaster that would have been. @.@
Thank you!!
Lol!! XD That would have been a disaster!
ALL OF THE ABOVE (Especially the off label Ikea bit. XDD)