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Whispers in the Wind
A tale of piracy and blood ties
Last update: 20th Aug 2019, 10:05 AM
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
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Omiryn is a peaceful port town.
Until Bailey and his crew come searching for Scarlet, a noblewoman of the city.
But the next day, when she realises her son left with the pirates, she has no choice but to go at sea and face demons of her past.

In a sea torn by war, where pirates roam free and only the strong survive, follow a broken family as they sail through their biggest adventure.

WARNING: May content harsh language and inappropriate behaviour.


I like pirates. Pirates are cool.
Drawing is cool too... I shall make a comic about pirates!
(Absolutely not the way things happened in reality)

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Thank you so much for following my story for 3 years, it means a lot that you have stuck to the end and really motivates me to work on it more and maybe someday bring you the story the way it should be. Starting to work on this webcomic was deeply needed at the beginning but I came to realise it's really a much bigger project than I can deal with and I have to let it go.
If you want to be updated on my upcoming short story, see sketches, researches, etc... follow me on social medias @moonsuncomics (links are also above on the side banner).
See you there and again, thank you for reading Whispers in the Wind.
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