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Woods For The Trees
Going on unexplained mini-hiatuses since 2006
Last update: 5th Apr 2016, 1:03 AM
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A cartoon about three friends living in rural Derbyshire, England.
Jess - a science fiction obsessed Border Collie, Reuben - a Fennec Fox that escaped from the Zoo, and Isabel - a vixen on the borderline between psychotic and Charles Manson.


Furry bum from Englund

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Cool site! Love it!
Man, I can't believe this website exists, it's fantastic! www.limoservicegilbert.com
This webcomic is fucking dead
Fox Of Kings Island
Yeah, your right. Maybe the comic is done forever? Like, Ii wouldn't be surprised if that was the case.
So thats that then, another webcomic to have died without notice

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