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Last update: 29th May 2020, 11:00 AM
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In this world, kakapo parrots took one a very different path of evolution because they got domesticated alongside other companion animals like dogs and cats. In this comic, we focus specifically on one kakapo Word who like his flying cousins, is curious, playful and full of personality.

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Hello and please, call me Mary.

I picked up drawing since I was four and have not stopped since. My favourite art style is cartoon and my favourite genres are comedy, romance, fantasy and sci-fi. My favourite thing to draw are monsters/fictional races.

You can buy commissions from me on my Storenvy, or support me on Patreon or Ko-fi.

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Nice one
This is bittersweet. The page is beautiful and would have made just as good an ending as a beginning.

Word, we I hardly knew ye.

EDIT: I must have had my other machine on "infinite scroll" because I saw all the Kakapo evolution comics at once and thought it was one really long farewell page.
Thanks. I researched the evolution of dogs to get this right and silkies inspired the kakapo legs. I found that feature endearing.
Oke. I like the thought that you put into how domestication might have changed kakapos, particularly the leg feathers like silkie chickens. I used to put a lot of thought into invented alien species; I might have to take it up again. :)