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Worm Cops: Legacy
More worms. More cops. All new legacy.
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We all remember "Worm Cops." We all do. But what if "Worm Cops" continued? What if it had a "'legacy?'"

Finn and Ajax, the greatest detectives of our time, have gone into retirement. And with that genius move, crime in Worm City is at an all-time high. But will the next generation of Worm Cops be able to live up to these mythic paragons of justice? No.


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2 days ago
Fun fact! Éternité means eternity in French!

More fun fact! Antique means antique in French!

By the end of this comic you will be fluent in French.
Left on Chapter 2, Page 15
28th Jan 2020
...no, I didn’t put the ghost in the nautilus just to make this joke. The Haunted Nautilus has been in Worm People canon long before this comic!

Chapter 2 begins today! Check back every weekday for new updates!
Left on Chapter 2, Page 1
16th Dec 2019
This marks the end of Chapter 1. Thanks for reading!

Come back in the new year for Chapter 2...

Update: Chapter 2 premiers tomorrow! (Tuesday, Jan 28)
Left on Chapter 1, Page 15
Still NIco A, or is it B? (Guest)
11th Dec 2019
"Dang this is good!"
Wow the comment title doesn't show. It was "This is really good"
Left on Chapter 1, Page 11
NIco B, or is it NIco A? (Guest)
11th Dec 2019
"Dang this is good!"
Umm the title i guess?
Left on Chapter 1, Page 11