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Comic profile: WORMCURSE
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Comic language: English
Genre: Fantasy
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Comic description

Marcus seek the cure of his curse but is dragged into a grande scheme. Along with a knight and a reluctant crazy witch he must save the kingdom and the princess from her corrupted uncle and his evil advisor who killed the true king. Sounds familiar? Well thats pretty much intentional. What are klichés for if not to use! And more importantly make fun of!

DISCLAIMER: I do NOT claim ownership of Lord of the rings, Star trek, Star Wars, Harry potter, Skyrim, One Oiece, Naruto, Final Fantasy, Fairy Tail, Looking for group, The Belgariad, Dragonage, Game of thrones, My little pony or ANY other franchise for that matter! Any referenced franchise belong to their respective owners. It is only for parody purposes and nothing more! So please support the official releases. And bla bla bla.


Im a humble amateur author and comic artist. The meaning of life is the way I see it to have fun follow a dream. And of course be nice and considerate to people around you and all that crap. Im a proud member of a study circle dedicated to writing science fiction and fantasy and the leader and creator of another study circle dedicated to making comics.
Im also working on a adventure/comedy/epicfantasy webcomic wormcurse. Im a kind, silent and nerdy guy with a huge love for audiobooks, Daim and Jäegermiester.

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Guest (Guest)
2nd Jul 2017
The horror in her eyes...
Left on 878
Guest (Guest)
2nd Jul 2017
Oh shit
Left on 865
28th May 2017
ROXANNE: How the hell are we going to kill him in the first place? hes turned out to be far more skilled and durable then I expected.
Left on 930
28th May 2017
Marissa: So Ms I-know-everything how do we find and destroy that phylactery?
Roxanne: first we gotta take him down
Roxanne: I do know where his phylactery is. Once he dies again I have taken precautions, however...
Left on 929
28th May 2017
Marissa: He hes a..
Roxanne: A lich the undead eternal life necromancers dream of achieving. I know this because while you were playing around with demons i studied Zacarias journals and learned How he came back from the dead more then once. A lich is very hard to kill and even if you suceeded they can still come back after a few days since their soul is bound to a phylactery and they will never truly die unless that phylactery is destroyed.
Marissa: Oh so its like the one ring or a horcrux?
Left on 928