Wanderers of the Mushroom Kingdom

Last update: 28th Feb 2016, 12:56 AM
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Wanderers of the Mushroom Kingdom is a Mario fan-comic starring a group of wanderers trying to get home. However, they will stumble upon many obstacles, possibly sending them much further away than they had previously expected.

[Status: Cancelled. Sorry folks. :( ]


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“Funny comic”
Ha! Radioactive energy absolutely hilarious!
Yeah, buffers are very important. I've learned that over the years, and I wish I had invested more time in them with this comic... Though the big thing that really doomed this comic was other projects entering the fray. They took away time from Wanderers and took away most of my drive to work on it. So by that time, buffers might not have helped much sadly.
Whatever you do in the future, make sure you make a buffer first! With a life as busy as yours that's incredibly important!
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Yeah, the comic has been cancelled. Sorry to spring this up on you all just like that, but it's something that I've been hesitant to do until tonight. I knew the comic was pretty much dead, but I just wanted to believe I could bring it back. But I can't delude myself anymore...

It didn't feel right ending this without one last tribute. This series was a big part of my life for many years, so it's only fitting that I give it at least a small send-off. And have Brocius be pissed at me for one last poor managerial decision in handling their adventures... :P

May your adventures continue in the next realm of unfinished webcomics, Wanderers. Rest in peace, you wonderful comic. :')

I might bring a new series to light in the near future. Won't say much to avoid making promises I can't fill, but do stay tuned.

Until then, thank you to everyone who supported me all these years. I wouldn't have gone this far without you all. :)

See you in the next project,
Author Note
Glad to see you back... again.