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Alex Rayne is a superhero.

He has no powers, he isn't a boy scout, and he prefers 'vigilante', but that's what he is.

Atlanta, August 2026. Alex is attacked by a group representing Sarabeth Phoenix, head of a criminal empire. When he wakes up the next morning, his mind is now in the body of teenage girl Dorothy Wright. And now as a result, he has to use his abilities and the new guise of Starchild to help Sarabeth if he wants to return to normal.


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Very interesting.
Yeah, kind of just showing how Alex went about beating Poppy - they lured her into a trap, used the Eisenstone to null her powers, then choked her out. Sort of a basic solution but like Christina said, if it works.

Art feels a little weird on this one admittedly, especially Dorothy's face in the second panel. We were both kind of experimenting with it a bit and it didn't really take. Live and learn I guess, probably would've put in more care to get it right but is filler and all.
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Adam C.
Heh. Yeah, very quick, simple next page showing that after laying in wait for her, Starchild was able to choke out Poppy pretty easily. ^^

Kinda all I got to say, very fun, quick page.
Author Note
Way to go Alex.
This one's kind of weird to comment on in that it's kind of an actiony page but one we were obviously cutting some corners on; it is still filler and all so only really so much time we wanted to sink into it, though still wanted it to look good.

Not a giant amount to really say on it admittedly. Think the real substance of this filler more comes in the later pages but for now, yeah, just showing how Alex managed to get a jump on Poppy Tear after leading her on a chase for a bit. Next page will show more of that.

If it's not clear Starchild is attacking with the Eisenstone in the second panel. Guess part of the purpose of the chase was for them to go find it.
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