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"We get punched in the face so you don't have to."
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A self-insert comic about a writer and her personified creative processes fighting against the appropriately named Procrastination & the Distractions. Updates on any Friday it can.


Hey what's up my comic's a mess just like me which is why I'm the main character.

No cringe culture only me having a fun time.

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Thank you 😭😭😭
just read this whole masterpiece so far and WOW. it’s so pretty, so creative, so funny, and absolutely fascinating. OP being in the comic makes it so entertaining, too. absolutely loved the explanation of “alien monkey and space lady but it’s not weird,” like that was so funny. and OP explaining to the characters how the whole world works, ugh, genius, love it, 12/10.
Thank you! It was fun to block out during sketching :)
Whoo, button frisbee! The lighting here is so cool, too. I love the mysterious sunset feeling it gives the page
Good bonk Potatoe!