WTF? I'm a Magical Girl's Familiar?!
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This comic is currently a concept, and will hopefully become a comic, but it won't be for at least a few years from now (Jan 2021). You are welcome to read the 10 page draft intro and follow if you are interested, and I will add concept art as it's being figured out.

Summary: A very blunt and angry prostitute finds himself in a strange place, where he's told he's going to become a magical creature called a mescat and serve as a magical girl's familiar to fight against a force called 'The Darkness'.


Hi, I'm Jack, I grew up in Oregon near Portland, which is a notoriously strange and wonderful place that's under a coffee shop invasion and is 70% rain. I'm a 90s child with bipolar 1 and PTSD, and a lot of my inspiration comes from my experiences with mental health and anime and manga, though I prefer to have my own art style. I have been drawing comics passionately for nearly 20 years now, working up experience in order to produce my own original stories. The comics you'll find here are very different genres from one another, so feel free to check them out and see if any of them click.

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All I can say without giving much away is there will definitely be development in the dynamic that will break the typical mascot/magical girl relationship.
I request that our 'Mescat' not be completly dependant on her magical girl. It dosen't have to be right away, but I would like her to find someway to defend herself. [Tazer:)] Or Bombs. Bombs are fun.
Funfact: 'Mescat' was a word that I based on the word 'Mascot' XD
The more I play with this concept the more I want to do it so there's a good chance it'll happen once I clear up some older projects and make room for it.
i wanted to say that i am really jazzed on the concept. i don't know of any stories doing precisely this plot. the idea has the potential to be something fresh. the idea of an reincarnated character basically isekaied into being a magical girl mascot? there is a whole lot of things in the magical girl genre that you could explore from a wholly knew angle. i hope you continue with this further. if done right, it could be something great.