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Marti Gryffin is fully expecting to have the worst summer ever when she's packed off to a tiny seaside town to stay with an eccentric aunt she didn't know she had. But Wyrdhope is no ordinary town. Everyone seems to have known her mum - including the wolf-girl in the woods, the goblins in the cliffs, and every other magical creature hiding in this sleepy little place. To make things worse, some kind of shadowy creature is following her and her new friends.

With a little curiosity, a sprinkle of magic, and a whole lot of heart, Marti is determined to get to the bottom of Wyrdhopes mysteries.


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i fully support and understand your desire. if i gotta go out, i'm gonna go out petting the Weirdest Dog Ever
I want to pet that doggo with all my being.
this page was so much fun to make. less fun for the girls to experience, but fun to draw!


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Author Note
hey if you try enough random stuff, something's bound to work!
the true answer to the demon problem -- industrial amounts of pepper spray!