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Marti Gryffin is not the most excited when she's exiled to a tiny, remote English town for the summer to stay with her eccentric aunt. But Wyrdhope is no ordinary town. Everyone seems to have known her mum, including the wolf-girl in the woods, the goblins in the cliffs, and every other magical creature hiding in this sleepy seaside town.

With a few new friends, a little curiosity and a whole lot of heart, Marti is determined to get to the bottom of Wyrdhopes mysteries.


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12 days ago
always use protection when you scry, kids

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Left on Chapter 4 Page 1
7th Jan 2020
Here we go, 2020, magic and mayhem and spooky secrets! I'm so excited for this chapter folks!


if you enjoy the comic, consider throwing a tip at my ko-fi
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14th Dec 2019
aahh, thank you! I'm so glad you enjoy it! I do enjoy drawing a good mermaid ^_^
Left on Chapter 3 Page 31
12th Dec 2019
I binged your entire comic in one sitting yesterday. I love it! At times, it even reminded me a little of my own comic. Maybe one day your selkies can meet my mermaid (or even the Jersey Devil) ^_~
Left on Chapter 3 Page 31
11th Dec 2019
a bonus Michael! hey, someone had to end up with that dang bear, right?
see you next year!
Left on Chapter 3 Page 31