We Are The WyreCats (Old)
Childhood Dreams, Adult Sacrifices
Last update: 24th Sep 2021, 6:03 AM
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The Wyrecats were a team of autistic teenagers who decided to make the world a better place by building robotic suits and doing good, with public service and humanitarian inventions as well as costumed heroics. The powers that be were threatened by their progress and created a terrorist organization, Ignis, to destroy them. Five years after the climactic battle, one of the team wakes up from a coma, and finds it hard to pick up where her friends left off...

Series has been rebooted as Wirecats, go to wirecats.thecomicseries.com instead


Author of Wirecats, Minnie and Max, and more

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The comic is back! It’s being rebooted from the beginning, with a few changes at first. The old comic is still in canon, albeit as K.A.’s misremembered, hazy delusions upon waking up.

Check it out;

Author Note
“A year later and what do we have to show for it?”
This marks the anniversary of posting the comic showing, is there any hope of getting another comic soon?
Yes a Wyrecats page! What a treat! And seeing these sort of moral dilemmas is always great in stories...Lamar is a great character.
Dera Nuel
“Dera Nuel”
Good to see a new page. Lamar needs to grab a hold of himself here. He could kill the dude.
Sort of (not sure when I’ll do the next page because I want to get Minnie and Max running strong), and no, at least not for now