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Childhood Dreams, Adult Sacrifices
Last update: 25th Nov 2019, 5:20 AM
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The Wyrecats were a team of autistic teenagers who decided to make the world a better place by building robotic suits and doing good, with public service and humanitarian inventions as well as costumed heroics. The powers that be were threatened by their progress and created a terrorist organization, Ignis, to destroy them. Five years after the climactic battle, one of the team wakes up from a coma, and finds it hard to pick up where her friends left off...


Author of Ruby Nation, Wyrecats, Poet Kitties, Minnie and Max, and more

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Get rekt.
I like the line "Never helpless again." It really sums up a lot of his mindset and shows both the potential heroism and antagonism within.
Dang that is a super destructive power! Good thing it's in Lamar's hands, not theirs...
Well, at least it was only his suit disintegrating! Lucky bastard!
Dera Nuel
“Dera Nuel”
Lol. Not so powerful without his suit