X III MMXX: 3rd October Revenge
A (literal) hell of an experience
Last update: 9 days ago, 8:37 AM
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
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A story about burning hatred and a neverending descent into madness.
Aria Lesrox, a shapeshifting entity fueled by spite and a desire of revenge, declares herself as 'The Alastorslayer'. With her reckless attitude, she will not hesitate to travel straight to Hell in order to fullfill her unethical ambitions and stand up to the Radio Demon himself.
(Updates once 1-2 weeks)

A 3rd October 2020 anniversary comic.
(Alastor & Hazbin Hotel/the universe © Vivziepop)


Raymond (Ray) || 15 || He/They

I make edgy comics about weird things that I shouldn't have touched, but oh boy, I'm having fun.

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To be honest, in this case it wouldn't be a surprise if it was both at once
Is that a threat or a promise
Her hands are starting to drip some black stuff neat!
That sounds like an excellent plan!
Actually, (ignoring how strange it may seem at first), that's a fairly normal thing for her when she's agitated/startled, so that's nothing to worry about. We're probably going to explore whatever-the-hell Aria is doing in the near future, whether it's revealed in the comic or via blog posts