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Adventures of a rabbit cop/treasure hunter on the distant planet of Xade.
Last update: 10th Apr 2018, 8:05 AM
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Alexandra Welex is from a long line of cops on one side and treasure hunters on the other side of her family. Once carefree and enjoying life, everything changes when she hunts down the treasure of Leporidae. (Description pending)


I read comics and dabble in making them. I am currently writing a fantasy book series that needs a test reader or two. The name is pronounced Eck-zade

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Well, here it is I thought I would also mirror this over on comic fury and see what's up. you can read the old version of Insanity of Xade here Comic Fury site coming when I get a chance. This one will be hand drawn (soon as I get my motherboard and get it installed) I've been relearning how to draw and will post in my Test Strips So, stay tuned and I'll be posting something here in a month or two.
Strip made by my good friend Stephen Leotti His Comic Fury Site
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