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A mixed bag. Come here for my brain vomit, little funnies, and continued series.
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Welcome to Xag's Bag (of comics). I hope you enjoy. From short goofs, to continued series, it's all here.


A hairy brown man who has too many senseless ideas.

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Happy Independence day my fellow Americans! To all of my non-Americans, I wish you an explosive evening. B)
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I actually started Garth and Tork as a comic formatted as a book rather than a strip. I started the strip after I lost momentum on the pages, and decided to start over. I want to explain and show how the two eventually gain their special abilities and even go on adventures. I gotta keep moving forward. :)
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Ah yes, the seeds of a plot. Excellent.
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I grew up with younger brothers, so we often would fight over goodies in a similar manner as this.
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