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Comic profile: Xenobiosis
And when the Shield broke, so did the Sword.
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Content flags: Violent ContentStrong Language
Comic language: English
Genre: Fantasy
Activity status: On hiatus
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Last update: 8th May 2017, 7:17 AM
Number of comics: 99
Number of subscribers: 225
Visitors: 162688 visitors (925381 pages viewed)
Rating: 5 (526 votes)

Comic description

Xenobiosis is a fantasy-adventure story about Lilith and her journey to find her angel mother and demon father, who abandoned her long ago. Along the way she is joined by a gallery of distinctive characters including two humans, a witch, and a mermaid. The story takes place on a distant planet, full of unique flora, fauna, and landscapes; which Lilith and her friends encounter along with the diverse people who live there.


⭐️Always passionate, piercing the heavens & piercing your heart!❤️ As radiant as the sun, a shining star in the darkness, ✨Crystal Rinkelle!✨

My main project is Xenobiosis, though I do occasionally update one of my side projects. I live in America. I also watch girly anime trash. I love history, whales, hedgehogs, and Marie Antoinette.


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Evelyn (Guest)
15th Feb 2018
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21st Jun 2017
In a way, it's been styled into an updo so it just looks shorter.
Left on Page 30
Guest (Guest)
16th Jun 2017
Dude did her hair just get shorter?
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Skyhaurd101 (Guest)
19th May 2017
No problem. It gets really hot and humid where I live, and very cold an humid. Also it can be a very dry where I live, we sometimes get Utah kind of if climate.
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19th May 2017
I do think I tend to relax a bit more in spring and summer, it get's fairly hot pretty quickly where I live and I get heat exhaustion really easily and my hands swell up (this is the most uncool statement in the history of ever lol) so drawing can be a bit difficult.

I also have struggles during winter too but I don't really attempt/do any art challenges or anything in summer (like Inktober, which is in October, or Magical Girl March)so it's spent mostly focusing on my own projects (though not this year lol). Also I usually draw gifts for all my friends/family during the holiday season so that's an extra workload I don't have in the summer.

Oh my gosh this got rambly fast, sorry!
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