The Youngblood Chronicles
A Saga of War, Betrayal, and Saving Rock and Roll
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Graphic Violence / Gore Sexual Situations Frequent Strong Language
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An adaptation of the Fall Out Boy music video series of the same name. For ten years, American rock band Defenders of the Faith has been a powerhouse of chart-toppers and sold out stadium tours. When an old friend calls the four-piece back home to Los Angeles, the Defenders of the Faith return to a mess of former allies who resent them, old histories that no one wants to reconcile, and a mysterious briefcase that may very well be the key to mending a very broken world - assuming they can keep it out of the wrong hands. The Defenders of the Faith find themselves smack in the middle of a conflict much larger than any of them bargained for. Pretty soon, it’s no longer a question of whether they can stay alive long enough to see the outcome, but a question of whether they can save rock and roll…or if they’ll be going down swinging.


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In case any of you might have forgotten, black eyes mean something very significant. I wonder what?
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If Andy's room looks should.
Author Note
And Issue #4 closes here!

Thank you again to anyone who's kept up, read, or commented. I don't really ever know how to respond to comments here, but please be assured that every single one warms my cold little heart, and is very much appreciated.

We'll see the chapter stinger go up at the end of this week, and then the comic's going to take a breather while I make sure the next issue is all good to go. It'll be a slightly longer break than is typical, because BOY is the next issue a doozy.

Regular updates will resume on July 11th, when Issue #5 makes its debut! Thank you once more for your interest and support; it really does mean the world to me.
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i love the way you arranged the panels! using the plate to separate the reactions? genius!!!
yesss we. love the lore! great work 🥰🥰🥰