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Last update: 13th Feb 2012, 2:17 AM
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An alternate path for the future of the Yu-Gi-Oh! universe, featuring Yugi's eternally cantankerous son, Yukai Moto. Prefaced by a prequel covering the seven years between the end of the original series and Yukai's birth.


Golden Dragon Girl
Golden Dragon Girl
Also known elsewhere as Kintatsujo, I've been putting comics online since 2004 and am full of dubious wisdoms XD

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LOL I must read this later.
Ishizu actually having a sense of snark?! I guess that's better than being a hot robot all the time, though it's not how I'd picture her "relaxed" personality. xD
Golden Dragon Girl
Lol-- I should probably point out that I drew this cover in 2008.
Hey there!
Very interesting concept you have here.
Now, I hope I’m not bumming out the party by saying this but:
That dude is just too skinny to be alive.
Golden Dragon Girl
The card he's holding is "Yu-Jyo."
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