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Webcomic profile: Yume-Hime
Dreams, Reality, and Some Things More
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Content flags: Violent ContentStrong Language
Language: English
Genre: Surreal
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 1st Apr 2017, 11:12 AM
Number of comics: 35
Number of subscribers: 53
Visitors: 72520 visitors (256314 pages viewed)
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Webcomic description

When Laurie was an anime-obsessed preteen, she drew herself an alter-ego. She forgot about her as time went on, but eight years later, in a deranged fever dream, she came back. And she wasn't happy.

That's when things started to get weird...


Most recent comments left on Yume-Hime

C.S. Jones
1st Apr 2017
C.S. Jones
Dialogue? In my comic? It's more likely than you think.

As a side note, she's supposed to be nodding in panel 4, not just turning away from him, but adding a "NOD" sound effect would've ruined the atmosphere, so I kept it vague. In your headcanon, she can be doing whatever you want.

(Also, I'm digging this page's art more than any in recent memory.)
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C.S. Jones
23rd Mar 2017
C.S. Jones
Not much to say today.
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C.S. Jones
16th Mar 2017
C.S. Jones
I don't like this page's art much.

3/26 Edit: Usually, each panel is drawn on a separate 8.5x11 sheet of paper. This time, I tried doing it all on an 11x17 Bristol. It was faster, but the linework suffered.

I went back to doing it the old way for the next page.
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C.S. Jones
8th Feb 2017
C.S. Jones
Welp, that's the end of my buffer.

I just changed jobs to one that requires more hours, so I'm a bit screwed now. Hopefully I'll be able to squeeze out a page this week, though.

Also, there are 10 references on this page. See if you can spot them all. If they seem a bit dated, note that this comic takes place in 2010.
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C.S. Jones
29th Jan 2017
C.S. Jones
Stare at this page for 10 seconds.
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