Zack Dragonblade and the Excalites
Magic and Might Combine
Last update: Yesterday, 3:37 AM
Graphic Violence / Gore
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In the world of Imagix, a wicked witch returns with an army of demons, and she won't stop until the world is hers. Only Excalibur can defeat her, but it has been converted into 5 swords named Excalites, and the swords hidden around the world. Can Zack Dragonblade and his friends find these mystical weapons and the courage to defeat Xavierella Darkbloom?


I’m a college graduate obsessed with cartoons, especially anime. I also love cuteness mixed with goth. I enjoy drawing and writing stories, so these comics are my treasures.

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Zack Dragonblade Vol. 1 Black-and-White

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Zack Dragonblade Vol. 2 Color

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You know an attack hits hard when its name has alliteration. :3
Paranoia must've forgotten to put on her Hannibal Lector mask. :3
At least she’s not a doctor :3
Must be a straightjacket for a crazy octopus. :3
Armless Amy has been going through hard times.