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Webcomic profile: Zebra Girl
Zebra Girl
A story of love, hate, and spontaneous combustion.
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Content flags: Violent ContentSexual Content
Language: English
Genre: Fantasy
Activity status: Discontinued/Completed
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Last update: 2 days ago, 5:27 PM
Number of comics: 821
Number of subscribers: 45
Visitors: 2054793 visitors (9719408 pages viewed)
Rating: 5 (40 votes)

Webcomic description

Zebra Girl is the story of Sandra Eastlake, a young woman forced into a supernatural lifestyle. Transformed by a magical fluke into a demonic creature, she vacillates between humanity and malevolence, slipping between extremes, attempting to learn a balance before choosing between friends and fellow monsters. A monochromatic urban fantasy told since the turn of the century.


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Furlips (Guest)
Della Reese in Harlem Nights, "You shot my pinky toe!"

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Joe England
2 days ago
Joe England
06/15/2019: Just a picture I made to reflect some trying times while I struggle to move ever forward with Zebra Girl's ultimate compilation.

(Bottom line: Someone threw a rock at Zandra’s head. He was aiming for a crow that stole his sandwich. It was a bad week for him.

It got worse.)

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Mrii (Guest)
5 days ago
"I really love your art"
Which is why I check back every so often hoping for something new. I have not been disappointed.
Left on Zebra Girl
Joe England
27th May 2019
Joe England
You're welcome, and I thank you for your story in return. It's very moving to be told something this personal, and I'm glad that you feel like this is a place where you can open up. Whatever happens in the future, I hope that the art that you enjoy and the relationships you form will help you on your path forward. I'm happy that you're happy that Zebra Girl is a part of your life.
Guest (Guest)
27th May 2019
... It would have made everything so easy to justify.

Point is: I love your work. I love the characters, the world and seeing your artstyle evolve has been really cool.

You're awesome Joe! I can't believe you stuck with it this long.

Thank you for an amazing story. <3