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Zebra Girl
A story of love, hate, and spontaneous combustion.
Last update: 12th Mar 2022, 4:09 AM
Graphic Violence / Gore Strong Sexual Themes
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Zebra Girl is the story of Sandra Eastlake, a young woman forced into a supernatural lifestyle. Transformed by a magical fluke into a demonic creature, she vacillates between humanity and malevolence, slipping between extremes, attempting to learn a balance before choosing between friends and fellow monsters. A monochromatic urban fantasy told since the turn of the century.


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“But I really am . . .”
Looking forward to seeing (Well, I'll happily pay for it!) The Omnibus!

Err . . . Not from beneath it though.

I don't care who throws me.
"Is it worse for a girl with the spirit of a man or a man trapped in a woman's body?"

That's some cute foreshadowing.
It is deeply bothering me not to know if Roland's cat is okay.
Hard to be okay with dying when you've got something worth living for.
It's implied wally spent decades as a wolf, away from humanity, so it's not surprise he's still trying to adjust to social cues, and to not solving problems by killing them.

Other thing is, while Crystal is obviously distressed... she did just lie to him to walk into a situation they ALL knew was dangerous and nearly got herself killed. Wally's anger is rooted in fear. Crystal's intentions might have been good, but if they had taken just a minute longer to recognize she was gone she would be dead.