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Zebra Girl
A story of love, hate, and spontaneous combustion.
Last update: 30th Jun 2021, 2:34 AM
Graphic Violence / Gore Strong Sexual Themes
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Zebra Girl is the story of Sandra Eastlake, a young woman forced into a supernatural lifestyle. Transformed by a magical fluke into a demonic creature, she vacillates between humanity and malevolence, slipping between extremes, attempting to learn a balance before choosing between friends and fellow monsters. A monochromatic urban fantasy told since the turn of the century.


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Also, I believe you have to be looking away from the light source for rainbow to appear... No doubt someone adds some theological mutterings to that...

But otherwise it's superb piece of art.
Joe England
I disagree with K's assessment, but I can't blame people for their feelings. I think I know what it's like to take a work of fiction seriously on a personal level, and I appreciate that K had that kind of investment in my work. I can try to convince them that I had pure intentions, but it's still up to them whether or not they like it. In any case, we should try not to dismiss their feelings out of hand.
So, basically, you're having a strop because your ship didn't sail. Ho hum!
It's so disheartening, going through this archive, to witness the artist, a consummate gentleman, having to respond with such consistent politeness and consideration in the face of all manner of unreasonable comments and bickering. Testament to his quality, at the very least, if his art were insufficient.
Exactly; every comment I see from "Rev" is complaint of this sort.