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Comic profile: Zebra Girl
Zebra Girl
A story of love, hate, and spontaneous combustion.
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Content flags: Violent ContentSexual Content
Comic language: English
Genre: Fantasy
Activity status: Discontinued/Completed
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Last update: 15th Jun 2018, 4:09 AM
Number of comics: 815
Number of subscribers: 44
Visitors: 1928825 visitors (8868085 pages viewed)
Rating: 5 (40 votes)

Comic description

Zebra Girl is the story of Sandra Eastlake, a young woman forced into a supernatural lifestyle. Transformed by a magical fluke into a demonic creature, she vacillates between humanity and malevolence, slipping between extremes, attempting to learn a balance before choosing between friends and fellow monsters. A monochromatic urban fantasy told since the turn of the century.


Most recent comments left on Zebra Girl

Joe England
3rd Nov 2018
Joe England
Same to you, Jonathan!
pyrodice (Guest)
2nd Nov 2018
Niiiiiice :D
Jonathan wint (Guest)
1st Nov 2018
Happy Halloween Joe
Joe England
26th Oct 2018
Joe England
I'm grateful to know you, Bill. It always makes me proud to hear from someone who's taken something meaningful from what I've made. And this certainly encourages me to carry on! If and when I set out to produce something else, it'll be thoughts like yours that drive me to it.
Black Bill (Guest)
25th Oct 2018
"First comment."
I've been around awhile, and I must say, this is probably the best web comic out there that's finished(one of the few that are finished and good). I found this after a friend told me about it, in 2006. It just kept getting better and better.

I've really like the overall plot. Although in the beginning it was a little slow, it picked up pace. I also liked that the plot was a little more out there, using the mystery of the supernatural world to make it a grand ride.

I've also identified with the characters. Sandra, or should I say KhaZandra? Well, anyhow, after being turned into a monster felt no connection to the outside world, and since I was a child, most have treated me like the plague or a monster in my own right, and in the middle where she accepts she's a monster, but pushes everyone away, I did that in my teenage years.
This comic has many things I love, and it just sucked me in like the toilet portal. I still come back and read it when I have little else to do or am in a wretched mood.

Joe, keep writing man, cause with this alone, you've gone far. Like my father told me this quote, and it goes for anyone, even someone who's done well already; "Shoot for the moon, and you'll land amoungst the stars. Then there's nothing you can't do."

"Do you have anything to declare?"
"Da ****?"