The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass - Final Fight
A fanmanga based on a very underrated Zelda game.
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This manga is a little homage to one of my very first Zelda games, Phantom Hourglass. The story mainly focuses on the events after Link got the third pure metal, that means getting the Phantom Sword, encountering Bellum and fighting one of the hardest fight of his entire lifetime...

This fanwork is non-commercial and just for spreading my love for this game. All characters belong to Nintendo.


Hello, my name is Laura, nickname Lau! I'm a shy mess and still have to figure out how to be more extroverted lmao. Hopefully becoming a real art student next year... My main interests: a Legend of Zelda game called Phantom Hourglass and musicians/actors of the past. Hahaw anyways enjoy my fanmanga and have a nice day... whatsoever.

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The cucoo couldn't stand a chance against our hero Link. Also shamelessly making a Naruto reference :lol:
AND SORRY for the poor quality. I don't have a scanner
Author Note
One epic one-sider with the special ability of the spirit of wisdom. I called it Guardian Shield, an attack which creates a barrier.
Author Note
Seems like Jolene's attack overwhelmed Link and smashed him to the ground!... That's too much for Linebeck and he decides to confront Jolene directly! (It never happened in the game which quite bothers me :P )
Author Note
Kinda like the second panel :) So Jolene's pretty much driven by her feelings of anger and is able to overcome Link's defense power :O So does it mean Jolene is the winner??
Author Note
I present you a weirdly proportioned running Jolene haha! A failed experiment I guess?? One thing's sure: the cards are re-shuffled, so let's see how the fight will go on!
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