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Zyra Slash
A comic about a baby lizard alien on Earth just trying to make some friends.
Last update: 25th Aug 2021, 9:00 PM
Occasional Strong Language
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When you're in school, you can feel like an alien sometimes, but count yourself lucky you really aren't. Young Zyra Slash, a member of the faraway Djragoni race, is sent to a strange planet as part of a rite-of-passage and tasked with befriending the native people.

On this strange world called "Earth", Zyra teams up with a plucky starchild named Rain Jones who helps him blend in with the native "Human Race" in the best way possible: disguising him as an awkward, geeky high school student.


ayy lmao

I'm Alex, but my friends call me Zimmeh

She/They, liker of space, rocks, & 2000's animation, chronic sufferer of sleepy bitch disease. Check out my comic about a baby alien making friends called Zyra Slash!



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Just started reading, but seems pretty cool!
Hey guys, thanks so much for keeping up with Zyra Slash these past few months, I truly appreciate it a hell of a lot!

Following this update, the comic will be going on a break for a little while as I finish up the next batch of updates. How long I’ll be is a bit up in the air, but my goal is to be back sometime in the fall.

You can follow any news regarding these updates over on the comic’s Twitter account @zyraslashcomic to know when ZS will be back to it’s usual schedule!
Author Note
YEAHHH no more weird flesh-colored wigless Zyra!!
great stuff
Heck yeah its human time!