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Donate to us!

Why donate?

ComicFury is a tool that is absolutely free and does not draw any kind of profit via advertisements or other means. In order to keep the site running, we have help, however! You!

If you have money to spare that you don't mind giving to us, then we are giving you the chance to donate to us here. Why donate? To support all the small webcomic artists, all those who want easy webcomic hosting and all those who want it for free.

<Sorry, donations are disabled at the moment!>

So what do I get?

Well, it's a donation, not a purchase. Naturally, we could offer to increase your comic sizes or give you special features if you donated, but we don't want to.
Why? Because if we make features, we want to offer them to everyone, not just to those with money, I'm sure you understand that. You shouldn't donate because you want anything in return, you should donate because you want to donate.

It's quite simple, really. We love giving you cool tools for free. So there is technically no reason for you to donate, but remember this: While it is free for you to use the site, it's not free for us to run it. Call us greedy sellouts all you want, but running a site just costs money. Since we don't have any premium plans or advertisements, that's money we won't get back. So donations are helping ComicFury stay alive, fast, reliable and awesome. And if you donate, you are totally part of that.

However, there is a little something we are giving you as a sign of appreciation. It's technically useless, but fun. You'll see.
In addition to that, your name will also be placed on the donation toplist

Can't or don't want to donate?

Don't have the money to spare? Don't feel like giving it to us? No problem! There is something else you can do for us: Spread the word about ComicFury! If you like our service, be sure to tell your friends, link to us or spread the word otherwise. Every effort is appreciated!